How Technology Changed our Lives & Impact of Smartphone on Society

We are habitual of the technology and can’t survive without it. In today’s time and are trying to improve it day by day. We saw new invention daily. Old cars are now changed into electric cars, laptops are going thinner with more durability and powerful hardware technology, and phones are going to smart day by day. Every next production of the Smartphone comes with new technology. In our daily life mostly, we use the smartphone. We are using Smartphone for browsing, chatting, video calling, texting, and gaming and for photography too. There are many ways to use a Smartphone. Some facts are below about Smartphone.

Smartphone History 

The smartphone was not quite smart before 2007. The first Smartphone was built in 1992, but not that smart enough. Then Blackberry launches its new Smartphone with some smart application in it like calendar, music, a full keyboard, advanced security, and internet access. But in 2007, Apple launches its first smartphone iPhone, then the innovation race of smartphone start. Apple already was selling the iPod before the iPhone, but this iPhone sold in millions of units worldwide. From that time to now, phones are quite smart to use daily. The screen size is bigger and bezel has very low than before. The work capacity of the Smartphone has changed, now Smartphone can measure your heartbeat with specific hardware.

Innovation in Smartphone – A smartphone can take a very nice photo in low light with noise canceling feature due to AI (Artificial intelligence). In today’s Smartphone powerful processor and higher ram is the main feature of a Smartphone. After that camera sensor, megapixel, design, security features, higher battery power, low charging time, higher category modem to access the internet rapidly fast etc. Now we are going to learn about how Smartphone changes or impact our daily life. Smartphone has totally changed our life and daily work. By Smartphone we can book a movie ticket and a cab, and we can watch a movie online and so many deeds we can do on the Smartphone. Gaming and photography are the main changes in our life by Smartphone. Now we can play heavy gaming on Smartphone and also can take a high-quality image by Smartphone.

Influence of Smartphone – We can do approximately all the deeds on Smartphone instead of the laptop or computer. In digital communication, the Smartphone has totally changed the world. Now we can do voice call and video call by Smartphone and also we can do both tasks at various application, which are available on android and ios app stores. Smartphone mainly works at two operating systems, one is Android impacts and another is Ios. An Android operating system is provided by Google and Ios operating system is provided by Apple. Both operating systems are different from each other, but both are famous in today’s time. In conclusion, the Smartphone makes our life easy and smooth.

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